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Easington Academy has been designated as a National Support School and Miss Toni Spoors has been appointed to the role of National Leader of Education.

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Year 7 and 8 close open


History is taught in Year 7 and 8 with the aim to encourage students to think independently and critically question their own heritage and the world we live in today. In preparation for GCSE we develop historical enquiry skills through a series of research projects in which the students own thoughts and findings are presented to their peers and judged by those peers. Throughout the program of study we enhance the opportunities to master skills in Literacy, Numeracy and ICT and promote creative thinking. Teaching strategies have been adapted to suit all types of learners making History enjoyable and accessible to all students.


    Year 7 Curriculum Overview                   Year 8 Curriculum Overview



Year 9,10 and 11 close open

Year 9 Curriculum Overview

Year 10 Curriculum Overview 

Year 11 Curriculum Overview



GCSE in History

Course Content/Areas of Study

You will acquire a wide range of historical skills through your investigation into the following topics: Crime and Punishment through the Ages: Nazi Germany: The American West


Examinations x 3 25% each at the end of the course

Controlled Assessment 25%

Core or Option

Option Subject

Number of Option Choices


Number of GCSEs/equivalent