"The well-being and personal development of pupils are a cornerstone of the school's work"

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National Support School

Easington Academy has been designated as a National Support School and Miss Toni Spoors has been appointed to the role of National Leader of Education.

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 “Across both Key Stages, an imaginative and stimulating curriculum is skillfully designed to match the full range of students needs and to ensure highly effective continuity and progression in their learning” 


Year 7 and 8 close open

 Curriculum Overview Year 7     Curriculum Overview Year 8 

 Science in Year 7 and 8 is taught to make our students excited and curious about everything they see around them. We want our pupils to ask questions and explore the natural phenomenons that they experience in their lives. We have a very hands on approach to Science.

Pupils are taught how to be safe in the laboratory and how to carry out practical work. From day one they will be making predictions, designing experiments to test hypothesis, making observations, collecting and handling data, making conclusions and evaluating their work.

We prepare out students for GCSE Science by teaching the fundamentals of Science from Year 7 and revisiting them throughout Year 8  building on these solid foundations.

By the end of Year 7 and 8 they should have all of the tools to be successful at GCSE.






Year 9,10 and 11 close open

Year 9 Curriculum Overview  Trilogy Science & Triple Science  

Year 10 Trilogy Science       Year 10 Triple Science     

Year 11 Physics                   Year 11 Additional Science      




  • GCSE in Biology
  • GCSE in Chemsitry
  • GSCE in Physics

Each of the above subjects is worth one seperate GCSE

Course Content/Areas of Study

The Separate Sciences course will allow you to study Biology, Chemistry and Physics in detail, and work towards a seperate GCSE in all three areas. You will plan and carry out investigations and further your scientific knowledge.


  • Formal Examinations 75%
  • Coursework 25%

Core or Option

  • Core Subject

Number of GCSEs/equivalent

  • Biology – 1 GCSE
  • Chemsitry – 1 GCSE
  • Physics – 1 GCSE

Core and Additional Science


  • GCSE in Core Science (1 GCSE)
  • GCSE in Additional Science (1 GCSE)

Course Content/Areas of Study

You will study Biology, Chemsitry and Physics in detail. You will gain understanding and knowledege of a variety of Science based issues. Core Science will be completed in Year 10 and Additional Science in Year 11. 


Each course:

  • Examination 75%
  • Controlled Assessment 25%

Core or Option

  • Core Subject

Number of GCSEs/equivalent

One GCSE per course