"The well-being and personal development of pupils are a cornerstone of the school's work"

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National Support School

Easington Academy has been designated as a National Support School and Miss Toni Spoors has been appointed to the role of National Leader of Education.

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"Excellence in the making, by design"                                             

Year 7 and 8 close open

Year 7 

During Year 7 students will focus on learning and developing key practical skills required to study the various disciplines in subject area. These include both Food & Nutrition as well as Design & Technology. Students will begin to develop skills in planning, designing and evaluation techniques which will contribute towards their working level.

Year 8

During Year 8 students will continue to develop key skills in all disciplines of the subject area. They will begin to study the theory element which includes, health & nutrition, sustainability and environmental factors affecting the Product Design & Engineering world.

 Year 7 curriculum overview - Food Technology     Year 7 curriculum overview - Product Design

Year 8 curriculum overview - Food Technology      Year 8 curriculum overview - Product Design

Years 9,10 and 11 close open

Year 9 curriculum overiew - Design & Technology    Year 10 curriculum overview - Design & Technology 

Year 11 curriculum overiew - Design & Technology



GCSE in Design&Technology

Course Content/Areas of Study

Unit 1: Core technical principles. Specialist technical principles. Design and making principles.

Unit 2: Extended Making Project 


Controlled Assessment:    50%     Examination:    540%

Core or Option

Option Subjects

Number of Option Choices

One per Subject

Number of GCSE's/ Equivalent

One GCSE per Subject 


Level 1 or Level 2 Technical Award 

Course Content/Areas of Study

Unit 1: Skills demonstration

Unit 2: Extended making project

Unit 3: Fundamentals of Materials Technology


Controlled Assessment: 60%   Examination:  40%

Core or Option

Option subjects 

Number of Option Choices

One per Subject

Number of GCSE's/Equivalent