"The well-being and personal development of pupils are a cornerstone of the school's work"

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National Support School

Easington Academy has been designated as a National Support School and Miss Toni Spoors has been appointed to the role of National Leader of Education.

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NewsGeorge Lobel

On Tuesday 27th June all of Year 7 and Year 8 students as well as some staff had the rare privilege of hearing from someone who came to Britain as part of the Kindertransport from Germany before the Second World War.  

George Loble , 90  spent an hour relating his personal experiences of being taken from his family and home to a new foreign country to begin his new life. Despite the difficulties of learning a new language and the new environment George has been a success, managing his own company until his later years. He was awarded an MBE in recent times for the work he has done with cancer charities over the last 50 years. He dedicated a book he wrote on his experiences to the school. We were honoured to have had him visit us at the academy.


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