ParentsRewards and Behaviour


Easington Academy encourages high standards of behaviour by making it clear to pupils what is expected of them and by rewarding good behaviour.

In every classroom there is a Classroom Behaviour Plan. This plan outlines the few simple rules we expect all pupils to follow, the rewards pupils can expect when the display high standards of behaviour, and the consequences which may arise if the rules are broken. The Classroom Behaviour Plan is as follows:


All pupils and adults are expected to behave in a responsible manner to both themselves and others, showing consideration, courtesy and respect at all times. Everyone should:

  • Be prompt
  • Be polite
  • Be prepared


The school’s reward system is based on the awarding of VIVO Miles to students. VIVO miles are awarded electronically by staff and each VIVO Mile is worth 1p. Categories for which students may receive a reward include:

  • attendance
  • bringing the correct equipment to school
  • representing the school at a sporting event
  • good manners
  • good behaviour

Students are able log on to the VIVO miles website to check their account and also to redeem their VIVO miles for rewards such as:

  • high street vouchers
  • cinema tickets
  • stationery items
  • sports equipment

As part of the school’s reward system every student, and member of staff, is a member of one of the school’s five House Teams. Students can gain house points in many ways, for example good work and behaviour. Also during the school year, Challenge Days are held for inter-house competitions etc. These days involve a variety of tasks on a certain theme and enable students and staff to work together, within their House Teams and be rewarded with house points.

Classroom Consequences

  • C1 : verbal warning
  • C2 : 15 minute detention
  • C3 : 30 minute detention
  • C4 : referral to HOD and/or possible removal from lesson by SMT and 1 hour detention (30 minutes x 2)
  • C5 : 1 hour detention after school

An immediate C3 may also be given outside of the classroom for breaking certain school rules including dropping litter, running in the corridor, or being out of the classroom without a signed pass (contained in the Student Planner).

Detentions may take place during breaks, at lunchtime or after school.

Where sanctions have failed to produce improvement, the school reserves the right to exclude students for a fixed term period. On these occasions parents will be invited into school to discuss the problems and agree targets for improvement. If fixed term exclusions fail to bring about an improvement in a student’s behaviour, the final sanction of permanent exclusion will be enforced.