Catch Up PremiumCatch Up Premium 2016 - 2017

Amount of Year 7 Catch Up Funding Received 
Number of students who did not achieve at least Level 4 in reading and /or mathematics at key stage 2 


Year 7 Catch Up Funding Allocation £500.00
Total Year 7 Catch Up Funding Grant  (number of students x £500.00) £11,500.00


Easington Academy was allocated £11,500 for 2016/2017


  • To narrow the gap by providing intensive literacy and numeracy support and raise the attainment of those students entitle to Catch Up Premium
  • To raise self-esteem and aspirations of students entitled to the Catch Up Premium
  • To identify concernes and tafget intervention and support to acceletate progress  

These funds were used to target additional support strategies: Small group classes: Additional LSA support: Homework Clubs: Increased capacity in English & Maths: Whole school literacy and numeracy: Whole school use of differentiation